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Saya minta tuan-tuan dan puan-puan agar bersama-sama Anwar Ibrahim untuk mengangkat martabat kemanusian yang meletakkan keadilan dan prinsip Islam sebagai asas perjuangan.”

- Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi , 19 Disember 2009

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Tahniah MaT MonGGoL... 1ApCo

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keADILan Untuk Semua...

Jan 7, 2010

Makkal Sakti Party Set For A Split...

The newly-formed Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) president RS Thanenthiran has issued show cause letters to 14 rebel central committee (CC) members.

mmsp internal dispute 060110 sanjay with a show cause letter to cc member m anbalaganCC members R Kogilavani, M Anbalagan and S Sanjeeviramah @ Sanjay (left) confirmed receipt of the letters on party letterheads signed by Thanenthiran as party president.

The 14 supported a motion of no-confidence against Thanenthiran at an emergency CC meeting on Dec 19 last year.

Among them were deputy president A Vathemurthy and party secretary-general R Kannan. The letter, dated Dec 31, 2009, reads:

"That you, on Dec 19, 2009, at about 10am conducted an illegal meeting outside the Makkal Sakti premise (in Section 13, Shah Alam) and passed resolutions against the interest of our party and also gave degrading press statements which has caused multiple damages and embarrassment to the party."

All the 14 recipients were asked to show cause as to why they should not be dismissed as party members and CC member under schedules 7.2 and 10.1 of the party constitution.

They were given seven days from date of issuance to reply the show cause letter, failing which, Thanenthiran warned, appropriate action would be taken against them.

However, CC member Vincent Micheal who attended the Dec 19 meeting but did not support the no-confidence motion was spared Thanenthiran's 'backlash'.

Baseless attempt

Kogilavani, Anbalagan and Sanjay claimed that the show cause letters were baseless and an attempt by the embattled president to oust them.

"Our party is a people's party. It's the members who have the power to decide whether they want their president or not.

"However, Thanenthiran has become a dictator to get rid of anyone who challenges his poor leadership ability and quality," alleged Sanjay.

mmsp internal dispute 060110 kogilavani with her show cause letterKogilavani said the Dec 19 emergency meeting was held because of Thanenthiran's failure to convene a CC meeting.

Since its launch by BN chairperson and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in Serdang on Oct 10 last year, she said that Thanenthiran had only called for one CC meeting on Nov 2.

"Since then he failed to conduct any CC meeting and failed to submit the accounts of the party's launch expenditure," she said.

She said during the Nov 2 meeting, the CC meeting decided to hold the next meeting on Dec 16.

But she said Thanenthiran postponed the meeting to Dec 19, citing that the accounts were not ready.

The president yet again cancelled the Dec 19 meeting at the 11th hour and postponed it indefinitely, citing the same reason.

Sanjay said the rival faction went on with the meeting because the majority of the 27 CC members wanted it.

"Moreover the party constitution allowed it," he said.

Meeting to kick out the president

The rival faction will now hold a CC meeting at the party head office this Saturday to boot out the party's founding president as party member altogether.

Secretary-general Kannan said the 27 CC members have been notified of the meeting.

malaysia makkal sakti party official launch 190509 08Thanenthiran (right) is learnt to be in India performing his annual spiritual pilgrimage. He is expected to be back in two weeks' time.

Sanjay, meanwhile, plans to file a multi-million ringgit defamation suit against Thanenthiran once the embattled president is back home.

Sanjay claimed that Thanenthiran abused him and two others withslanderous remarks when they went to the president's house on Dec 26 to deliver a letter asking him to quit his position.
source : National Express

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